Thursday, November 11, 2010

Repurposing Clearance Summer Dresses and Tanks

Good Morning All!
      Here's to quick projects on the cheap! I frequent the clearance racks at Target, Macy's, Old Navy...well where ever I may be. {Check out this apron to the right.} It used to be a tank top that was just too "flowey" for my liking. Keep in mind before this apron I have never made an apron or tried to re-purpose any other piece of clothing. With my new summer attitude of I can do anything {ok who are we kidding, all it takes for me to try is for someone to say I can't or won't do it} Scuba Diving- check! Wiring my own car stereo- check! But this past summer it was me pushing myself to try new adventures with my creativity and my sewing machine. I was given my machine by my grandmother 12-13 years ago-who is an amazing quilter. She's the recipient of my emergency calls from JoAnn's, "How many yards do I need for a quilt?!" or the "Gram, how do I use elastic thread?!" She always says, you practiced on other fabric right?! No of course not I wanna get this goin! Thank God for Gram and her patience with my calls :) 

      Ok sorry back to apron making! {Here's how simple it was!} Cut off the back of the tankand snip the straps where they meet the back-you will use these straps as a halter top now. For this one I wanted a little bunching at the waist so I cut the tank where I wanted the bunch and hand stiched it back on and hand gathered it. I sewed the back of the tank to the bottom of the front of the tank. Created a tie and belt loops from the left over fabric, added them over the top of my gather and Tada--an apron!

     The aprons to follow were clearance dresses found at Macy's for an absolute bargain! I cut the backs off and sewed down the sides with a fun zigzag stitch in a fun color thread. Some of the dresses had waist ties others I had to make my own. I used the original straps and turned them into halter ties. 

WARNING: Once I bought these dresses with aprons in mind I tried to wear one just for fun before I cut it up. Nope couldn't do it! I felt like I had to stay in the kitchen allday!

I'd be happy to do a tutorial on this one if anyone is interested!


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