Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Blogging-To Do or Not To Do...

Well I did it, I broke down and started a blog. Sure I love posting my project pictures on facebook or sending picture text messages to my closest friends and mom of course, but what about the world outside of my little circle. Because let's face it I've started using everyone elses blogs for my own creativity jump starts and they're fantastic. Time for me to give back! I titled my blog ZigZags and Blossoms after thinking about a little trip to JoAnns the other day. As mom and I wandered the aisles I told her, "maybe I should start a blog!" Her response, "well you never really stick to one thing, you kinda bounce all around." I ZigZag-it's true. I often find myself starting laundry, only to find I meant to add soap to my empty hand soap in the bathroom weeks ago and an hour later remember that my intention had been to do laundry all day {oops I never started it}! This happens with my projects too, it may be called A.D.D. but I like to think of it as I'm just so excited about each and every one of them that they should all start right now! Or maybe I'm just not linear...

I've always been a relatively crafty person. I loved projects in school, one time we were assigned to make a replica of one animal habitat and one indigenous shelter from the museum we visited on a field trip. SCORE! I headed outside and gathered sticks and dirt and went to work. If it was a paper versus a project, I went the project route, I found it to be much more fun! I graduated from nursing school in the spring of 2009. During college and my first year of work I stuck to what I knew...earrings. Perfect for gifts and I even sold to stores in the small town I grew up in. Thank you to them for helping me believe I had a gift that went further than home made gifts my best friends and family would {have to}love---and of course thank you to the lady who started it all by driving through the coffee stand I worked at and saying, "I love your earrings!" She ended up buying three pairs from me the same day. 

Since settling into nursing and my 3-11:30pm schedule the creativity juices have been overflowing. This could have something to do with the adorable goldendoodle puppy I brought home shortly after my parents highly suggested I not-they're a lot of work. I couldn't just hang out with myself all day-so of course a puppy was a must :)

Cooper then introduced me to a wonderful man. Covered in poop and still happy as can be Coop decided the cute guy across the path and I should be friends. After some cookies and an apology note, the two of us won him over. We've become pretty fond of him ourselves. 

Since the addition of these two in my life my sewing machine remains constantly on the table, my easel makes its way to the living room more often, my baby and wedding gifts are much more FuN and the best part of it---neither of them care! Coop eats fabric scraps and Kurt benefits from sweet homemade Halloween costumes. In the next few weeks I will be posting past projects and keeping you in the loop on all my latest endeavors. Speaking of, I haven't been to the ReBuild It center in quite some time...stay tuned something cool could BlOsSoM!


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