Monday, April 23, 2012

"Relax" Wood Pallet Headboard

A few months ago I promised a tutorial on how I did our guest room headboard, so here goes! House Tweaking has the tutorial that inspired our headboard. Although I just saw the photo prior to my headboard, now that I have read their tutorial I learned they used fence wood. So you could use whatever kind of wood you can get your hands on. :)

Step 1: Find some pallets! There is all sorts of info out that you should not use wood pallets or you should  use them… Since you are reading this I am going to assume you are ok with them and have done your own due diligence. {I found mine at a landscaping place. Just asked real nice!}

Step 2: Break the boards off now pending on how old your pallets are makes this a different process. We tried whacking the heck out of it with a hammer which resulted in a LOT of noise, boards breaking and very little action! In the end Kurt wisely suggested a splitter/wedge/bar device. It took me less time to split the nails between the boards for both pallets than it did to try out the hammer approach!

Step 3: Choose which pieces you want to use. Play with this part. All of mine were different so I went to town mixing and moving to decide my layout. 

Step 4: Cut the pieces to the length you want. 

Step 5: Sand smooth. I like the natural look, so he kindly did not sand it away.

Step 6: Use two additional pieces (I did one and its a bit wobbly so do two!) to mount the boards to. I wanted to use the original nail holes as much as possible, but did have to make a few of mine own.

Step 7: Add a wood conditioner and follow that up with a stain of your choosing. I wanted the original colors and knots to show through, so I used a lighter stain.

Step 8: Decide on a word or phrase and paint it on!  You could make a stencil I suppose, but I went freestyle for ours! 

{On choosing what to write…. I didn't want to copy the exact headboard from House Tweaking, so Kurt and I brainstormed together. After much debate I decided on "Relax". Kurt's awesome suggestion, which I will throw out for you to use: the Latitude and Longitude of a special place. If we were married already or had a destination we always travelled to I would have pounced on this idea! I guess we will save it for another project!}

I hope our guests feel relaxed in their home away from home when they visit us!

<3 Melissa Delight

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ruffle Tank Tutorial

I'm one of those people that keeps "stuff" because I "might" use it for "something" "someday." You can relate right?? Everyone does this… ok most crafty people do this and even people that "hope" to one day be crafty do this.  Right mom?? ;)

So I have my pile and yet, the one project I've been wanting to do doesn't match up with anything in my pile…go figure.

I went to Last Chance on Saturday and TaDah I found it!  $2 tank tops in TONS of bright colors!
 Step one: pick one tank to be your base. Choose the other to be cut up. Separate front and back by cutting them apart. Then cut strips. I used strips of about 2 inches cut diagonally across the tank.

Step Two: Sew a line 1/4in from one edge. To save time later round your edges so it falls pretty. Do not back stitch on either end.

Step Three: Ruffle! pull one string on one end, ruffle along the thread line. Note to self use a top thread and bobbin in the same color.

Step Four: Pin your ruffles on. I found it easiest to kind of make a ruffle plan but then pin only one on at a time to sew. Don't forget to back stitch and the beginning and end of each ruffle. I hid the tops of my ruffles under the prior layer, but that is a personal preference. This is where you put your personal spin on your tank. 

Here's my finished Tank! Love it!!

Total cost $4 :)

Thank you Tea Rose Home for your tutorial inspiration for this piece!

<3 Melissa Delight

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Meet Kulah--Our New Golden doodle!!

Kulah means Golden in Hawaiian. He was 6 weeks old when we brought him home! So different than Cooper at 10 weeks old. We are now 2.5 weeks into puppy raising. He is racing to the door to go potty… not every time, but sometimes. :) He sits on command and loves walks with Cooper. Their favorite game is playing with a rope or their blankets and pulling each other around. {Read: Coop pulls Kulah.} Amazing what dogs bring to life. These two surely have changed Kurt and I individually and as a couple! If you're thinking about getting a golden doodle and have questions…leave me a comment! Stay tuned for Coop's journey to becoming a therapy dog!


Yummy {Healthy} Granola Bars

Kurt has an obsession with Nature Valley Granola bars. He eats at least 2 a day generally for breakfast. I went on a hunt to find a "make our own granola bar recipe" to cut the morning sugar and increase the morning protein. SUCCESS! 

Smitten Kitchen introduced me to this recipe: You can find my changes in purple!

1 2/3 cups quick rolled oats (if gluten-free, be sure to use gluten-free oats)
1/2 to 3/4 cup granulated sugar (use more for a sweetness akin to most purchased bars; use less for a mildly sweet bar)
I sub brown sugar
1/3 cup oat flour (or 1/3 cup oats, processed till finely ground in a food processor or blender)
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
2 to 3 cups dried fruits and nuts (total of 10 to 15 ounces)* I use peanuts, cashews, coconut, flax seed and dark chocolate covered craisins chopped up.
1/3 cup peanut butter or another nut butter (I used almond butter) (optional) I use all natural peanut butter.
1 teaspoon vanilla extract (optional, namely because I was not convinced that the flavor came through) I would agree with this, a tidbit of almond extract is yummy, but just a little bit! It's strong!
6 tablespoons melted butter
1/4 cup honey, maple syrup or corn syrup I use honey and a tablespoon of molasses
2 tablespoons light corn syrup (see Note above) I don't use this
1 tablespoon water

Preheat the oven to 350°F. Line an 8″ x 8″ x 2″ pan in one direction with parchment paper, allowing it to go up the opposing sides. Lightly grease the parchment paper and the exposed pan, or coat with a non-stick spray.
Stir together all the dry ingredients, including the fruit and nuts. In a separate bowl, whisk together the vanilla, melted butter or oil, liquid sweeteners and water. Toss the wet ingredients with the dry (and peanut butter, if you’re using it) until the mixture is evenly crumbly. Spread in the prepared pan, pressing them in firmly to ensure they are molded to the shape of the pan. (A piece of plastic wrap can help with this, as you press down on the back of it.)

Bake the bars for 30 to 40 minutes, until they’re brown around the edges — don’t be afraid to get a little color on the tops too. They’ll still seem soft and almost underbaked when you press into the center of the pan but do not worry, they’ll set completely once completely cool. If you cook them too long they will be messier!

Cool the bars in their pan completely on a cooling rack. (Alternately, after about 20 minutes you can use your parchment “sling” to lift and remove the bars, and place them in their paper on the rack to cool the rest of the way. This can speed the process up.)

Once cool, a serrated knife (or bench knife) to cut the bars into squares. [Updating to note, as many had crumbling issues:] If bars seem crumbly, chill the pan of them further in the fridge for 30 minutes which will fully set the “glue”, then cut them cold. To store, wrap the bars individually in plastic or stack them in an airtight container. In humid weather, it’s best to store bars in the refrigerator. They also freeze well. Save your crumbs for your yogurt! YUM!
*Suggestions: Dried cranberries, apricots, pecans, sunflower seeds, coconut, walnuts, sesame seeds, pepitas, dried pples or even chocolate chips. My mix: 1/2 cup wheat germ, 1 cup dried cherries, 1 cup walnuts, 1/2 cup pecans and 1/2 cup dried unsweetened coconut flakes. Because my pieces were all pretty coarse, I pulsed them in the food processor a few times to break it up a little, though this isn’t necessary if you don’t mind yours chunkier.

I make double the recipe and use a casserole dish making the bars about 1 inch thick. The options are endless for this recipe, in fact every time I make them they taste different! Kurt says he can have a 3" x 3" bar for breakfast and not feel hungry until after his noon workout! He also says they are the best bars he's ever 
eaten! Score! Thank you Smitten Kitchen!

This post is for, Tico, the pilot we sat next to on the airplane yesterday! A fantastic guy full of words of wisdom for our relationship, plus he answered all our airplane questions. Good luck with your son and the bars! Thank you, Tico!

--Melissa Delight

Favorite {ruined} Dress + A Lace Update

Okay we all know how it feels to happen upon THE dress, the one you feel beautiful in, the one you cannot wait to wear! Well 2 years ago I found that dress! It was love at first sight…thank you Urban Outfitters!

Then it happened…

I threw it in the dryer for a 5 minute touchup only to realize when pulling it out my previous load had been scrubs and I had forgotten a blue ink pen in my pocket.

NOOOOOOOOOOO!  Ink stains on my favorite dress, not to mention it was Easter and church started soon…thats a different story.

Back to the dress, I thought I could still wear it, no one would notice, then came my inner voice "Melissa, that would be tacky let it go"

It's been two years and I finally found a solution!!  Check it out… I'm in love with it again!

See the stains?! ok so they did not photograph well, but they are there I promise!!----->

I used my seam ripper and separated the top and bottom pieces. Carefully I mimicked the pleats with my lace, pinning it back together. The trickiest part was the side zipper, but I am happy to report it turned out wonderfully. In my opinion :) Saved myself the initial $68 and only spent $7 on the lace!

Date night in Dallas, Texas!  
I should probably iron the pleats a little flatter, but I am scared to death to possibly {ruin} my redo! 

P.S. I could still see the stains when I looked through the lace so I took a similar color thread and hand stitched over the top of the bigger blotches. A bit more camo, more for me than anyone else!

If you have a {ruined} favorite that you've redone I'd love to see it and feature you on my blog! Send me an email befeellivedelighted (at)

Melissa Delight