Thursday, November 11, 2010


Kurt and I like a yummy glass of wine to relax after a day on our feet. Corks are fun--Hmmmm what could I do with those, but it would take forever to get enough corks for something fun. 

BUT wait! I found a HUGE bag of corks in Kurt and Andrew's pantry---YES! So I stole them when they left for camping one weekend this summer. 

Look what I came up with!

A Side Table for Me! {Started as a dinner tray from target, found the molding in the free section at the local lumbar yard}

A Corkboard for Andrew and Kurt-Thanks for the corks guys! Keep em comin! 

For the record I didn't even dent their collection. The guys have dated some of the corks to remember fun get togethers--I didn't steal these ones, but am plannin up some sort of memory project for those ones!

Need a tutorial on this one! Let me know!!


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