Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Coffee Table

The summer between Junior year and Senior year of nursing school Up nurses complete a summer school session. Mine was maternity so I was happy to stay for the summer. The house we lived in had a huge backyard, which meant lots of room for CrEaTiNg!

Often times when I was bored {not wanting to study} I would make my way to the ReBuild It center on Mississippi St and wander around. See where my creative juices would land. This particular day I was prolly there for hours just pondering what fun thing I could create. I was in a table kind of mood having just completed our living room coffee table. {It was chickens.} Chickens decoupaged all over it :) No I don't have a love for chickens it just looked fun!

Well this is what I left the ReBuild It center with.

An Old Church Pew Shelf

An Old Window

Two Side Tables

With the side tables and window I spent $30, add some paint $5. Now get to work! I painted the tables white to somewhat match the window, but I left the window unpainted to leave the natural, repurposed feel. To create a coffee table type feel I sawed out the back panel just down to the shelf. This would allow me to display books or whatever I felt like showin off under neath the window. I then screwed the two tables back to back once the paint was dry. Popped on the window with a few screws and viola a Coffee Table!! I did add a a sheet of plexyglass to the top so it would be a flat surface, however plexyglass scratches really easy. Someday I will find the perfect piece of glass to go on it!

Hopefully you're inspired to go repurpose! More re-purposing next!


Oh I forgot to tell yea! I also got the wood in the picture with the window for $1 a piece and made a frame out of it. I framed a rectangular portion of my bedroom wall and painted the inside with chalkboard paint. =Awesome To Do list!!

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