Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Muddy Paws...Solved!

So here's the situation. 
Coop and the mud and my carpet {I want my deposit back} and his white paws. You do the's not a pretty {or clean} situation. 

Booties! Yes he should have some! Online and in pet stores= spendy!! Using left over pleather and fleece from his rain coat I made him=a fantastic money saving option {hear that dad ;)}.

For all of you thinking this is a fashion thing... it is not it's a practicality thing! ;) Cuz really, you'll see, they look pretty silly!

TUTORIAL comin' atcha!

1. Pick out whatever fabric you would like- you need about half a yard for a Coop sized {40lbs} dog. If you are making them for outside I recommend something durable and waterproof--I used pleather and lined it with fleece {leftovers} for this first pair, we'll see how it holds up. 
Paws Ready for Booties
 2. Fold your fabric in half, make a vase-like shape with pen on the wrong side of the fabric, put the bottom of the "vase" at the fold in the fabric and cut it out.
 3. It'll look like this after its cut out. I used the first one to trace it onto the next one and so on.

He loves them already!
 4. Check to be sure their paw will fit. When you squeeze his fluff this size works great! I did about 6-8" tall and 5" wide. Remember seam allowances.
 5. Cut a strip of your fabric or whatever scrap you have. I thought about the fleece for contrast, but it stretched too much. Sew a 1.5" piece of velcro fluffy side up on the wrong side. Flip it over and sew the rough side of the velcro to the opposite end of the velcro. {Note: It doesn't work if you sew them on the same side, but it doesn't really matter which side rough vs. soft the velcro is on.}

 6. Before you sew the boot together put the strip across the neck of the "vase," Just either one layer or two if you lined it.

I just did two side by side stiches in red so it's no big deal if they don't look fantastic. I went back and forth 3 times for strength.
 7. Hook the velcro, so it doesn't get stuck in your stitching .
 8. Fold it in half, so it looks like you had it when you originally cut it out. Make sure right sides are together. Sew up the edges, leaving the top open-for the paw :) {I back stitched at the top and bottom an inch or so for strength. The top doesn't always line up perfect, but I didn't really obsess over that part.}
 9. Flip the booty right side out and there you go! Strap them on their paws!
Coop asleep on my work surface with his booties on.

They look silly, but they wipe right off when he comes inside!

If you flip down the top the lining shows through and his legs don't look so skinny. So didn't get a photo of that.

I need to add a nonslip surface to the bottom of them cuz he slides around a bit on the carpet, but outside he doesn't slide.
Some things I would change for the next pair. 
      1. Sew on a nonslip circle of material where the paw pad will go. Do this when you sew on the strap.
      2. Sew the lining and exterior together on both ends so they are easier to put on. Do this also when you sew on the strap.

Recommendation: Make one and make sure it fits before you do four :) {I saved myself a lot of time because I cut one out and then realized it was too small.} Also make sure its not too small/tight because this could injure the paw pad.

Have fun and its ok to laugh because he looks silly--I know--wait til I put his raincoat on too! He keeps them on great! Good pup!

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial :)


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  1. Just shoot me Melissa I'm not even a dog anymore!
    Too funny. I bet he is embarrassed to be seen outside! Dad


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