Saturday, May 25, 2013

Let's Play Catch Up!

There has been so much going on that the blog has been left to it's own devices and well you can guess how that has gone!

I last left you by announcing our getting chickens... Since then we're down one! She announced her lack of feminitity with a love for cockadoodling and ruling the coop. We said goodbye to Kelly Pickler last week, he sure was a pretty rooster though! Less than a week later Reba started laying!! We've now gotten 3 eggs and they're starting to get bigger in size! Woohoo! With our last set of girls once the first started laying the rest followed quickly :) Here's to breakfast scrambles!!

The BIGGEST distraction was our adventure to Hawaii. We met 3 other couples in Maui for a week of reunion and retreat. The four ladies travelled to Australia together in 2007 for a study abroad at University of Notre Dame Australia. What an awesome adventure that was! Since then 2 married great guys and the other 2 are dating best friends {figures} lol!

On our second full day of adventuring we drove the road to Hana with the entire crew in a 3 car caravan. My handsome man was our fearless leader. After doing some cliff jumping {read: the boys jumped} we loaded back in the car and headed to Nahiku {the place where the plants go to heaven}. We agreed this would be a wonderful spot for lunch. Before settling into our sandwiches Kurt and I did what we do best-adventured. We headed off to check out the area, our book said to one side there was a waterfall with a little pool. I led us up to this beautiful look out. This is where he got strange, hugging me, kissing me. Then the dialog: "Is this the most beautiful place you have ever been?!" "Could you come back here every year." Me: "Yes, maybe we should camp here!" K: "That sign says no camping BUT maybe we could build a little hut?!" "Are you always going to be this perfect?!" M: "I'm sure going to try!" K: "Do you want to love me forever?" M: "Yes" K: "Do you want to travel the world together?" M: "Yes" {He better ask me or its never going to happen} K: "Do you want to make cute babies together?" M: "YES" K: "Ok then there's one more question... It's a really big question!" {Down to one knee he went, let the tears and shaking begin} K: "Will you marry me?!?!" I spotted a super gorgeous ring, but all I really wanted to do was hold him! We hugged and kissed, cried and laughed.

At that point our friends {who had no idea} had spotted us and Laura headed up the road with the biggest of smiles :) Ely, my friend Abby's husband and a fantastically talented photographer, whipped out his camera and capture every moment. We re-enacted the proposal and took some more pictures before letting it all sink in. We had just enough service and just enough phone battery to face time with our parents and brothers. My mom cried, my dad, who is a detective, was digging up a possible dead body {one for the memory book for sure!} and Kurt's parents were ecstatic! My brother was at the vet, I had to show all the ladies there my ring :)  Kurt's brother, after he stopped being annoyed we were calling him from Hawaii to rub it in and noticed my shiny bling said, "Well that's fantastic!" We were able to call my grandparents on their Ipad to which my grandpa said, "Is that real?!" and grandma let off some shrieks of excitement! :) Our phones died and we soaked in our hikes. 

There you have it, an absolutely perfect day to which we ended with Wendy's late night menu LOL Nothing says, celebrate like a shared Frosty!  

The last day of our trip Ely blessed us with an engagement shoot! Thanks, Friend!

The NEXT big thing to happen since then: I am competing in the online craft contest "So You Think You're Crafty"! 10 Crafters, 10 Weeks You Vote for the winner! Each week the crafter with the least amount of votes is voted out of the contest. There will be a theme each week to which we are being as creative with as possible. The goal is for the contest to be anonymous. You like it, you vote, the winner makes you a how-to-tutorial! The theme for the first week is PAINT! Stay tuned. I will be posting my craft here after voting is complete each week. :) My Audition piece "Sail Away with Me- High Low Skirt" can be found here!

I am positive much more happened since March 4th, like my surprise trip to my home town to watch my brother graduate from the police academy, our weekend spent in Sedona with my soon to be in laws, but I don't need to update you on EVERYTHING!

Hope enjoyed the catch up!

<3 Delighted.

"Ready to Sail Away" -A High-Low Skirt-

Here is my audition piece for "So You Think You're Crafty"

 "Ready to Sail Away"
-A High-Low Skirt-

Hello new friends! I am very excited to be auditioning for SYTYC Season 16. When Missy announced she would be selling the blog I got a little sad about not getting to try my hand at this, so I am grateful for the opportunity! Thank you, dear!

I love stripes, the nautical looking stripes. I bought this fabric well before I knew what I would do with it, but I was in LOVE so I had to have it! The slight lace detailing to the white ---AWWMAZING! Then I became obsessed with high-low skirts. How fun are they! I knew pretty quick after seeing the skirt pictured beside mine that the soft nautical fabric would be PERFECT! 

The fabric is a little sheer so I knew I either had to make a liner or double it up. I am all about simplicity when it comes to my crafting, so I chose the "difficult" task of perfection with lining it all up. I folded the fabric in half so the top of my skirt has no stitching. Before I cut the high-low I sewed the back and front together on the sides with a tight zigzag stitch, matching the curves of my hips (or lack there of!). Then I marked where I wanted it to hit on the front and back. I folded it so the seams touched and were in the middle, so I could see my pin marks. Then I cut the top layers in a backwards "S" shape and then the bottom piece. Tried it on, fixed it, tried it on, fixed and eventually landed on just what I wanted :) The skirt ended up taking about an hour to make. 

Guess what, the original high-low I fell in love with sells for $94 mine about $10! Hope you love it as much as I do! 

HaPpY Crafting, friends!!

What do you guys think?! Leave me a comment!

<3 Delighted.