Saturday, November 10, 2012

Rolling Chalkboard Pantry

Do you have a big pantry with a pretty glass door that has "pantry" engraved in it?? I do not, but I have always dreamed of one. In every place I've lived aside from my childhood home I've yearned for such a pantry. Our current house has a big closet in the hallway which is around the corner and behind the refrigerator wall. Not exactly convenient for cooking. Not only is It in a different zip code it has deep shelves- gah annoying! We buy in the bulk bin section, so the shelves are a sea of plastic bags filled with oatmeal, flax seed, pasta..... Don't even get me started on hunting for spices! I do have some baskets for them, but all in all I was convinced there had to be a better solution. 

Insert creative idea.

That awkward space next to the fridge where the broom gets lost + some Pinterest inspiration evolved into my new chalkboard pantry. I followed the concept outlined on Classy Clutter, but added my own twist. I painted the backside and edges of the pantry with chalkboard paint. Now not only do I have space for my spices and no misused space next tot the fridge, but I can write recipes or to do lists, use the board for game night scoring or write a little love note to my guy. I love the functionality.

{I didn't paint this beautifully because only I see it open and I am impatient-one day it will get more paint!}

^^The only detail still in the configuring is how to avoid the top bumping 
the fall I think I will stick on a longer piece of felt along the entire edge^^

What have you done with awkward spaces?!?


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