Saturday, November 10, 2012

Cheap DIY Wall Art

What can you do with all those boxes you get on your monthly {weekly} trip to Costco?!

Cheap wall art!

Check it out. I took 3 matching boxes from the giant cart of boxes at Costco...

Decide where you want them on your wall--they are so light you just need a little nail to keep them up, use two a few inches away so they don't get crooked on you. 

Get some burlap or really any textured fabric and wrap it around the box. Use hot glue or super glue to attach it. I used duct tape in there too to hold while my glue dried. I also used a spray adhesive on the front of the box and sides to stick the burlap to my box before wrapping it around.

Paint on your desired design! I chose fruit because I hung these in my kitchen. I used quick big brush strokes and wanted the strokey not solid style. I also picked fruit of similar colors so I could save $ on buying paint. 

I really love my probably $6 wall art--Hope you do too :)


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