Thursday, November 8, 2012


In the baby stages of this blog I told you my goal for 2011 was to do p90x and post my after pictures. Well if you have followed me since then you know I busted my butt...maybe twice. Check that off as not accomplished.

I'm not a big girl, I don't have weight to lose. When I moved to Phoenix I knew no one, I hung out with my pups and waited with excitement for 6:01, knowing Kurt was off and headed home! No where in there was working out and I could feel it. When you don't have weight to lose its very apparent when you have gained even a little bit. So in June after our second move to a vacation home on the east side of Phoenix I received a livingsocial deal in my email for Rock Star Boot Camp. For $20 I could go for an unlimited month and it was 5 minutes away. Hmm I pondered it for only a few moments and pushed BUY! SO outside my comfort zone. Go workout with a group of people and not bring a friend with me!? I knew I needed a reason to leave my house everyday, aside from work and I didn't have a craft room in this house, so no trips to JoAnn's.

I did not take before pictures or measurements because I didn't think my body would change...that much! Well it has! I have been going to RSBC since June and love it! The workouts are a new challenge every day and I continue to see muscles that I have never seen before. I have abs, for the first time in my life. I have more confidence in who I am inside and out. And every time I leave my  comfort zone to go to camp I am surrounded by people that want the same things: to be their absolute best! Most of us are signed up for the Spartan Race and would really like to conquer every obstacle thrown our way!!

When I first started this journey the owner said, "you don't need to lose weight. We need to CREATE muscles!" I LOVE creating and I love that he chose that word to describe my journey. :)

We just started a 12 week challenge. This time the photos and measurements have been documented. I already warned Curtis, the owner, if I lose anymore in my cup size I'm going to have to reconsider this whole burpee hell!! 

The take home: Be creative in every facet, it's more than what you do with a paint brush or a sewing machine it's about creating YOU.

--<3 Melissa Delight

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