Tuesday, November 13, 2012

DIY: Side table

Why buy it if you can build it/sew it/repurpose it....?! That's the theory I go with, with almost everything.. pretty sure it annoys 75% {maybe more, but they've kept quiet} of the people that shop with me 

Check out the side tables I made in a day. Inspiration: searching site after site of side tables. All I wanted was simple, functional and inexpensive. 

I chose the sizes I wanted them, sketched out my concept on paper, measured, and cut. Some of my favorite projects are made with 1"x2"s and 2"x2"s!

Then started drilling-predrill your holes for quicker building/less splitting. 

For the top I used 3 boards to create 1 pushing them tight, to not have any space for stuff to fall through. I also added a shelf with 1"x2"s--it needed the shelf for stability plus if you weave your charger through it or tie it to it its not constantly falling on the floor :)

Then SAND.

Add your favorite stain-use a wood conditioner for a more even color. I finished with a furniture polyurethane for shine. 

They are perfect and well loved :)


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