Friday, October 12, 2012

It's Been Too Long!

Hello! Someday I'll learn to be consistent with my blog posts ;) Ok let's be honest I try, I really do. In the last 5 months we have moved 3 times, so to say I haven't been busy would be a lie. I also have been offered and accepted a position that is a giant leap closer to my career goal to be a Certified Nurse Midwife--starting Monday I will be a postpartum nurse! Couldn't be more excited about what's happening in my professional life!

Now for the crafty aspects:

In all of this craziness I have still been creating--that part of me won't let you down.

What have I created you ask: (will be linked up when the blogs are written)

*Super Soft Baby Blanket/Quilt
*Layered Lace Skirt Upcycle
*Pallet Shelves
*Long Maxi Skirt with a Train
*Hurricane Vases and Wall Mirror- Dollar Tree Crafts
*Civil War Tutu's
*Tutu Tuesday for Breast Cancer Awareness
*Rolling Chalkboard Pantry
*Patio Remodel
*Yummiest Veggie (burger) Patty EVER
*Creating Muscles
*Fall Favorites

In the meantime here's some updated pics of my munchkins:



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