Friday, October 12, 2012

Wood Pallet Shelves

Pallets are my FAVORITE! Today I found 2 behind Walgreen's, texted Kurt a very excited text. His response, "We already have 4!!!!!!" {we have 2 left} I'm beginning to be a pallet hoarder. I, however, stand by my reasoning...If I make very cool things with them then it's ok to *hoard* them. I love the hunt, the sneaky "stealing" {asking nicely if I may have them} feeling, the "YES, SCORE!" feeling I get when I drive away and look in the back of the Suabru to see them gleaming back at me!

Here's what my latest pallet find (not today's) turned into: SHELVES!

This pallet was a perfect one for this. {I dove right in and forgot the before and in the middle photos...apologies} I did not have to alter the pallet in any way I simply took my handheld circular saw and cut it down the middle. I chose to cut through the middle piece of wood, but later laughed thinking how much easier it would have been to simply cut between two pieces. I attempted to cut straight, but given my blade kept stopping it didn't happen, which is ok it just adds to the rustic, imperfect appeal.  

('9th Bottle' is from Kurt's home made wine-Divination)

In order to make them shelves I added a piece of wood in between the slots (see below pic). I used 1"x2" scraps I had on hand. Simply put a screw in each side/middle, high enough up you wouldn't see the boards looking straight on and just like that shelves! I stained mine a dark oak color, but you could leave them natural if your heart/finances so desired :) Let dry and hang however you see fit. We simply {very trickily and not so wall friendly} found studs, put in a big ol' nail and set them on the nail, hammering it in to place. Most impressive idea of it all-- I put felt squares on the corners to avoid rubbing the paint off the wall :)

I love the bottle of wine we were drinking while hanging these on the wall... "Found Object" so fitting and now part of the pallet decor!

So there it is folks--Pallet Shelves Total Cost: FREE 
*or about $3 for stain and screws and an additional $1 if you need to buy a 1x2 board 

~Zigzags and Blossoming~

P.S. You are lucky I survived this project I had to cut the boards right in scorpion alley!!

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  1. LOVE IT........ Great idea, would love to impliment this in my home sometime. Just were to find the room for them.


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