Monday, October 29, 2012

DIY Costumes

I LOVE Halloween, well I love the costume part and that's about it. Here are some of my favorite past costumes and at the end my favorite and easiest: Halloween 2012!

 1. Being Laid: Chicken Hat and an egg like shirt, add some raffia for "hay"

  2. Mechanics: Forever21 Jean shorts jumper, messy hair, grease on your face and a name tag. We just shortened ours.

Below we re-used our jumpers the next night for the "We Can Do It" Woman. In the middle is Minnie :)

3. Roller coaster Ride: Cardboard box, paint it, name it. Sorry no pic of the front, but I made straps to look buckled in, put a wooden dowel across our laps. Attach a pair of pants to the pair you are wearing and stuff them, add shoes, flop the legs over a flapped down piece of the front of the cardboard box. Note if the venue has stairs put it on at the top of the stairs! Pending your box size you could do one more people.

 4. Ninja Turtles: This was for Warrior Dash, but none the less, AWESOME! Shells painted on green old navy tees, for our back shells dollar tree baking tins, spray painted like shells--we put yarn straps on and a belt around them. Our belt buckles were tin can lids-note they can be sharp! Small pieces of fabric tied on calfs, wrists and headbands! We added green bikini bottoms from Old Navy to complete the look!

 5. Rufio and Tinkerbell from Hook: For Tinkerbell--I used a tan fabric and sewed up a quick outfit making a pattern similar to a dress I already owned. Green shoes and some wings + some glittery makeup. For Rufio--I bought some black pleather to make the vest, belt, wrist ties and neck piece. I sewed on some red fabric to the sleeves and frayed it, tying on red feathers. For the belt I cut the pleather r in a long strip but in the middle kept a triangle pointed down. Then I cut the triangle into strips, adding wooden beads and feathers. Make a necklace with shells and wooden beads I simply used knots to create the woven look I wanted. We cut slits in his pants and sprayed them with red spray paint. For his collar I used a styrofoam circle and cut a 4 inch section out of it so it would slip on his neck, I then sewed a pleather tube to slide it in. Painted wooden dowels red on the tips and then stuck them into the styrofoam. You need to cut a slit in the pleather, add some glue and then shove it in. Throw on some black paint, make some faux hawks and hair paint them red. Add a sword because all men love a costume that requires a weapon ;)

6. Smurfs: This was again for Warrior dash. The guys wore scrub pants and blue T-shirts. Mom and I made dresses from men's T-shirts and dyed white tights blue with RIT dye. The blue paint---we used latex paint, you can buy it at adult stores-why I don't know--it is in no way sexy! It's sticky and each layer required 20 minutes of dry time. We were not that organized thus it didn't stay on well and as we layered it stuck to our hands and pulled off. Oh well, it got the point across! Simple blue face paint for our faces and necks. We had to find paint that would withstand the mud and waterhole obstacle.

7. THIS YEAR Pinterest!! Yes, I loved this costume! It was all our own and just came to us while brainstorming. We spent an evening cutting our favorite things out of magazines while sipping wine and listening to music. I made a stencil with my silhouette, which was tricky because the images you can find online have a white background thus I had to trace the lettering to make it work, but alas it did!! I then wrote "Pinned by" with each other's names on our shirts. Kurt pinned his favs on me and visa versa. On the back I used the "P" to make the simple logo. We put pins in all our pictures ahead of time and put pins in our shirts ahead of time. Before we went into the party we put a few on each other and throughout the night we continued pinning! (We attached our bag of pins to our shirts with pins so we always had our bags on us.) So fun!! I did my hair from a pinterest pin on curling I have actually pinned, did my nails from an actual pin and my skirt I made a few weeks ago from pinterest inspiration! To top it off we took a fall adult beverage I also pinned! So easy and so much FUN!! 

What are your favorite DIY costume ideas?! Send me comments or a link or link up to my page!

<3 ZZB

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