Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Update: Creating.....Muscle!

Hey all! I told you in my "Creating Muscle" post in the beginning of November that I was just starting a 12 week challenge with my boot camp, Rock Star Boot Camp. And the results completely speak for themselves!

I took this challenge to heart. I thought about the food I put in my mouth. I made more homemade meals. I limited my alcohol consumption to, in total, maybe 4 glasses of wine and 1-2 beers for the 3 months. I did not count calories--I ate clean, not 100% but cleaner than I had been. I still consumed sugar, but I limited my intake to natural sugar. Did not get Costco Frozen yogurt for 3 months!!! That was huge! It's one of my favorite treats :)

My goal now is to maintain what I have achieved. The pictures don't do my abs justice because I haven't quite perfected flexing them, but they are indeed there. If you want to see details of the program I attended 3-4 days a week for the last 3 months check it out at www.rockstarbootcamp.net {I started in June and plan to keep on getting stronger!} Some day instead of getting the "compliment" "you're so cute and little!" maybe I'll get cute and strong?! ---A girl can dream!

Now on to my first ever Spartan Race February 9th! Whatever your goals are: Grab hold of them and never let go, stay focused. If you lose focus for a moment it's ok your hands get sweaty, you lose your grip, but wipe them off and grab hold again!!

Thank you to all the RSBC campers that push me everyday to achieve my best!!

What's your CREATING goal?!


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