Thursday, January 17, 2013

In "LOVE" with this Hanging Shelf

I absolutely fell in love with this pin on pinterest. This adorable "love" shelf awesome. The caption read "Found this on Etsy, but it looks easy to DIY" - I'll repin that! So there it went to my ginormous board of DIY. Then the other day Kurt went to Home Depot and SCORED in the scraps pile! He came home with a ton of actually useable items. So as I sat on the couch pondering what I was going to create for the day I remembered "his" wood and the LOVE shelf. YES! I popped right on to pinterest found the shelf and low and behold it did not take me to Etsy... it took me to a HOTTUB WEBSITE! WHAT?!, such disappointment.... I was eager to look at the other angles of the shelf before I set to work. I even searched all over etsy to find it. Nope this one was on me.... I drew it out...I crossed that out. Who am I kidding I don't follow directions anyway!!

So I set to work! I had a general idea that I wanted my shelf to stand taller than my tv to add some height differences to our living room. I followed the cuts that the picture appeared to do, making my height of letters 14inches, but I only have a miter saw, which means the largest angle I can cut is a little over 45 degrees. Since I had made mine taller I needed a larger angle. I attempted to hold my piece right in the correct spot I wanted it and CUT--only to send wood flying and me to the ground oops--ok note to self I won't do that again!! I used some scrap wood and created the angle I needed and it worked. Not beautifully, but eh!

What do you need?

Everything in that above picture + a miter saw + a sander + drywall hook + 2 yards fabric

Notes on putting it together.

1. 2 people would have been great!
2. Sand all your pieces before you attach them.
3. Predrill your holes and wood glue couldn't hurt
4. Drill your L together.
5. Drill your V together.
6. Drill your E together.
7. Make the bottom left side of the O.
8. Drill your V to the appropriate side of the O. 
9. Attach the L to the one side of the O you already made (it looks like 2 L's now)
10. Drill in the final right side into the O.

I did not do it this way and wish I would have! I also attached and reattached "better" multiple times.

Bam! DONE! AWESOME...... nope, not awesome it did not "stand" I could not put anything on it.... what...?!

FABRIC! Yep I covered it in a super fun fabric that I also fell in love with and had a coupon for--bonus! I simply wrapped it around my letters and used a staple gun to attach it. I used the fabric to "reinforce" where my letters met and staple gunned the heck out of those spots....

Still didn't "stand", so I hung it up. At first Kurt helped me hold it up against the wall... it looked nice....

Then we held it suspended in the air and it was PERFECT!!


I used some thick wire and a drywall ceiling hook to hang it in the corner of our room. Added my tin herbs, a photo, a candle and since the pics a little round globe in the "V"-- I could not be more happy with this project!!!

TOTAL COST: Wood $1.51+tax, 2 yards of fabric $6

.....So Miss Beth that's how it went down :)


P.S. One of these days Kurt will stop leaving his wood unattended!! Finders Keepers ;)

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