Thursday, March 8, 2012

Girl meets Boy.

When we first moved to Phoenix I wasn't a permanent fixture in this little rental. I attempted to decorate when I would visit, but Kurt would say, "Babe, when I have my guy friends over I don't want them making assumptions." If you're a guys guy and a good decorator--good work! Anyhow I'm off track, the moral of the story is I am now here to stay so this house has to be more decorated!

Here's my attempt at bringing girly to what was a house filled with only camping gear :)

I started with insisting we have plum colored sheets… I mean they are almost black. We compromised on the shower curtain--it could have flowers if the colors were neutral. Deal!

I went right along with that and attempted to decorate with black, gray and plum….. then I started yawning!

So I introduced YELLOW and {a little bit more plum} to the mix :)  What do you think??

Loving my new pillows! DTSM (Did Them Suckers Myself)

I used the same method here that I did in my Puckered Duvet. The back is a fun patterned fabric minus pin tucks.
 Here's that fun patterned fabric. Its similar to the headboard fabric yet different. I used scraps from my Short and Fun Dress for the gray striped fabric and the plum comes from leftover ribbon from a friend's wedding.
I think its subtle girl meets boy...

(P.S. see that plum floral pillow case sticking out?! Funny story…. We almost made it out of the Home and Garden Show on Sunday without buying anything and then a gentleman on the escalator had THE pillows we HAD to have! So we went up and then back down just to learn he only had king size left, but we can have them for less than two queens…well we'll take TWO! {They are pieces of memory foam so apparently you can mold them however you like to sleep.} Our original plum pillow cases were queen size and covered about 2/3 of the pillow and created a log to sleep on. I mean these pillows are AWESOME… ok they are not terrible now that I have pretty new king size cases.)

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