Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sandy Toes and Salty Kisses

I have just under 2 weeks left at home before I begin my new job, which means this house is project central!

Today's {and a little chunk of yesterday} Project!

To back you up a few steps this project started as one $0.50 piece of wood slightly cracked and a leftover piece from my new bedside tables.

I nailed two leftover 1 x2" scraps to the back at the top and the bottom to connect and stabilize. Careful not to pick out nails that will poke through your wood.

On pinterest a few months ago I repinned an idea on how to put perfect letters on a canvas. I tried that method for some Christmas Gifts and didn't love it so I decided to give it another go with a different medium and it worked!

I stained my boards with miniwax all in one stainer from home depot or lowes. Since I was staining my bedside tables black and am lazy and didn't clean my brush before the next project I got a fun unique stain on this project…{could have been a fail, but worked better than I hoped!}

Anyway today I took my dried stained-wooden canvas and went to town. I used my Silhouette to make the letters!! {I honestly smile every time I use the machine, so worth the investment!}

I put the letters on contact paper so I could peel and stick the letters on to the wood, which is the method I borrowed from Brassy Apple's blog. Really stick the letters to the wood using your nail to ensure the edges are stuck real good!

Now take your paint and carefully paint away! Be mindful that no edges pop up in your excitement :) I went with a not perfect paint style--It's up to you.

Once dried--{This is where the project mixed with anticipation could get the best of you-->BE PATIENT!} Peel off the letters. If you scrape the paint with your nail it will come off. You have some parts that may have a little paint on the letter but honestly it adds to the uniqueness.

Good luck with your project!! I found the inspiration for this on pinterest, but was not able to find a tutorial for how to do it so hopefully mine helps you!

P.S. I think this worked better than the fabric and spray paint because the wood absorbed the stain and then didn't need to absorb the paint so I in turn got clean edges. I noticed in the fabric one if I first sprayed the fabric with a clear craft spray then the spray paint bled much less!

<3 Melissa Delight


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  1. totally love it!! thanks for sending me your link!!! :)


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