Friday, March 9, 2012

Capture Happy

For a few months since reading The Happiness Project I have had this idea floating around. I earmarked the page that spurred the moment and, well, wanted to put it here….But since I haven't unpacked the entire house it stayed in a box, which all of you who have moved know how that goes!

I wanted to capture our favorite, happy memory of each month for the entire year from the photos we took that month.

{What I didn't want was us purposely making moments happen in order to frame them.}

Capture Happy.

Upper Left-January 2012 Bottom Right December 2011

I will change out each picture at the end of the month, but keep the prior picture in the frame, so that each year we can look back on what we did--Don't forget to date the back of the photos. I think I'm going to paint something that says "Capture Happy" for above this...

I am excited for this--my own Happiness Project! Kurt looked at the pictures last night and said "Dang, we live a fun life!" Mission accomplished.

<3 Melissa Delight


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