Thursday, March 24, 2011

From Long and Dull to Short and Fun-A tutorial of Sorts

Let's face it. I'm not tall.

Those long dresses that "tall girls" can pull off just don't do anything for me--Even though I really want them to!

Before our trip to Mexico mom and I were at Target <I love Target> Earlier in the day mom had spotted a fun black cover up at fun, pricey Swim Suit store--Oh we'll think on it, she decided. it really was cute! But Target, like it does every time, came to the rescue. She found a black cover up that she now wants in every color! Sorry Mom I couldn't find it online! :(

During this Target adventure I came across a floor length simple knit dress $20. It had small white and gray horizontal stripes and a scoop neck, no details. I thought yes! I can re-create this into something much more fun!! Which I said all day while shopping or I would whisper to mom "Eh, I bet we can make this for a fraction of the cost." Oops I'm becoming that girl to shop with, Sorry Mom!

Anyhow I bought the dress! Brought it home, put it on Merlot, {Meet Merlot my NEW dress form, Merlot meet everyone!} and ta-da went to work!
I cut it to the desired length. Just above my knee.
 I took the fabric I cut from the bottom and cut it into strips about an inch wide. I also cut some strips from some scrap fabric I had from an apron project.

 I started bunching it here and there and pinning in place. I mixed the scraps in on the side. I didn't do it all the way around because I didn't want it to look like wreath around my neck. This would have been much more difficult without Merlot's help! {I didn't poke the pins into Merlot because then I wouldn't have been able to easily remove the dress for sewing.} I brought the ruffles down to a deep V for some added drama.

 I did the ruffling around the back of the dress too, but only along the neck line.

After some research as to whether or not I could take this project on the airplane with me I gathered the necessary supplies and loaded up my carry on! You can take pins and needles on the plane, as well as scissors less than 4 inches! PERFECT! I spent the first leg of my trip sewing the ruffles in place with transparent thread, delicately tacking only where the pins were to keep the texture to the ruffles.

The dress is comfy and a hit! Note: I will probably iron in a piece of interfacing to hold my stitches in place in the wash and make it less prickly to wear :)

Happy Creating!


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