Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ruffles and Gobbles

Here's what I would have been entering into this week's SYTYC contest!

It's never to early to start prepping for the holidays! When given the ruffle challenge on SYTYC I really wanted to do something original. Everything ruffle clothes related seemed "been there done that" and home decor I felt the same about. Given the events of last week going to the craft store was the last thing I needed to do, so I chose to use scraps. I did need pins, a Styrofoam egg and a Styrofoam dome, which my amazing guy, bless his heart, grabbed for me at Hobby Lobby. You know you found the right guy when even that doesn't stop him!

Here's my Ruffled Thanksgiving Turkey...Gobble!

 Here's what you need + scissors + your machine {it is possible to ruffle by hand}

Cut your fall fabrics into strips and ruffle them along one edge:


From the back before the final "feathers" went on:

Pin your ruffled strips on. I tried to put my pins in a place they would be hidden by a fold or a feather.

Add ruffles to your egg head. Don't forget the "gobbler" part and use a toothpick with some glue to attach the two together. 

You know, he's pretty darn cute, I could eat him! But we'll save that for the real turkey! Now where to store him until Thanksgiving :)

<3 Melissa Delight


  1. Melissa so sad to see you leave SYTYC. I love your ruffle turkey. Such a cute idea! Pinning!!

  2. Melissa so sad to see you leave SYTYC. Hope you get better soon from your surgery. I love your ruffled turkey. So cute! Pinning it!

  3. Cute! Hope you get better soon. Sounds like no fun at all!


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