Friday, July 12, 2013

Pictorial Wall Compass- Around the World

Wouldn't it be fun if we could all just spend our time traveling the world! Sign me up! I have been lucky enough to spend some time traveling. I chose to use photos from my adventures, as well as the adventures of my favorite people to make a PICTORIAL WALL COMPASS.  It's fun to look at when what's on the TV can be quite depressing these days.

I used chalkboard paint for my compass and put a heart in the middle of my direction areas because of my love for adventure. The wood bases were chosen to add a 3D effect which is tricky to see from the photos, but they are 3 different thicknesses. The compass piece is a fence post top :)

There is 1 photo from every continent!! Let me tell you it was difficult to choose just one! I chose to arrange the photos similarly to how they would be seen on a map.

North America- Bend, Oregon My Home Town <3
South America- Argentina My brother studied abroad here.
Europe- Ireland My mom's dream vacation and where she spent her 50th birthday
Africa- Cape Town, South Africa Where my adopted older brother went to college...the first time. Germaine lived with my family when he was an exchange student in high school
Asia- Japan Kurt traveled Japan and fell in love and I had an exchange sister from Japan in high school
Antarctica- Confession I have no idea where this photo is taken BUT it's now on my bucket list of places to go!!

Do you have favorite photos from your world travels?? Make a Pictorial Wall Compass unique to your adventures! 

<3 Melissa Delight

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