Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sunward Bound- Moving Kurt and then myself

 Since the day I met Kurt he's wanted to live somewhere with palm trees, sunshine and if at all possible the crashing waves of the ocean not far away. We travelled to Tampa for an interview, talked with people in Nashville and before our lives collided he interviewed in Houston, Tx. For honesty he interviewed in Chicago and Detroit at well, but they met none of the above criteria--aside from taking us closer to his family in Michigan.

Beginning of October-- "Oh, by the way I sent an application in for a job in Phoenix, Az" ".....oh?" I was thinking "what that wasn't even on our radar!?"

He interviewed the next week. And a week later was offered and accepted the position: Admissions Counselor at Grand Canyon University.... Awesome!

{flooding of emotions}

We started the journey South on November 11th. Car packed to the brim. Cooper had very little room, but per his norm went along with our crazy antics just fine. Cooper, you ask?! But he's your dog.....Well technically yes, I picked him out, paid for him, did the initial sleepless puppy nights, but Kurt came into our lives within weeks, so he's just as much Kurt's dog. Can you see me convincing myself?! In the end, contrary to the advice of most, I decided Cooper would like sunshine too. Winters in Portland can be a bit harsh on a very WHITE dog and their owner. Not to mention 12 hr shifts and constant pdx to phx travel--> not fair for Coop.

Along our drive we visited friends and family in San Francisco and San Jose, took in the Stanford-Oregon pre game festivities, stayed with Abby and Ely in SLO and enjoyed our 23 hrs in the car together. I earned the nickname "Navi" and Kurt drove every single mile of the over 1300 we drove.

Lessons learned:

1. Kurt's insistent need for new sunglasses 30 minutes into our trek--a fantastic idea! I'm donning my first pair of Oakley shades as I type. Note to mom- I A. Still have them. B. I use the case. And C. I still have them. Doing well! Thank you Woodburn Outlets.

2. Pack more food. Stops add time and money.

Upon arriving in Phoenix we stayed with friends, Matt and Lisa (refer to Mexico Wedding post), until we found a rental house. We picked out one with a community pool, a big yard for Coops and a guest room :)

After 2 months apart, 3 trips to PHX and more attempts at teaching Cooper how to Skype than I can count--I caved.

I loved my team at work, but have always wanted maternity or pediatrics, so I wasn't feeling fulfilled there and everything about being at home made me miss my guys.

In a matter of 3 weeks I quit my job, packed my things, hired and cancelled 2 different movers, visited Pregnant-bellied Laura and my adorable godsons, and began my own journey South.

My dad suddenly had PTO to use or lose so he hooked up the horse trailer and filled the back of his truck- thus the cancelled movers. I picked mom up as my co-captain and the 3 of us plus their dog Millie began the 1300 miles. I have incredibly supportive parents.

{This post is getting long...sorry}

We did pack more food...which is I'm sure the reason we made it a whole day ahead of schedule... Or my dad is crazy, did not eat and drove like a madman only stopping to sleep in the truck for 6 or so hrs at a truck stop. We had no locks for the trailer, so he and Millie guarded it all night--> Thanks!

So with that I'm here unpacked, playing "stay at home" girlfriend (according to my mom that sounds like code for Mooch, but I assure you I am pulling my own weight around here!) I'm 6 for 6 on wonderfully edible dinners and the DIY projects have my sense of accomplishment and creativity set to high on the meter.

Oh and yes I'm job hunting too. Getting a great feel of where to work, meaning I talk to everyone in a uniform from nurses to dental hygienists to firemen. A visit to redbox even landed me info. :)

Alright folks it's time to turn over on my beach towel and throw the ball for Cooper. Have a wonderful day!

<-- My "welcome to Arizona for good flowers" He's a keeper!


P.S. Listen to your heart <3

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