Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Quick Fix

Do you find your bobby pins everywhere!? I do and so does Kurt! I'm constantly seeking ways to declutter my space that I'll stick to....

If you have a medicine cabinet then I've solved my dilemma and yours :)

Pick up some magnet stripping with adhesive backing. The roll in the photo was about $2 I think and I only used about a foot of the 5 or so feet. I bought the magnets for an entirely different project a few months ago so I apologize that I don't have the specifics on it. You can buy a roll in a dispenser at JoAnns for $5.99 if you want to be fancy about it :)

Stick it wherever you like inside the cabinet and practically throw your pins and clips up there!! Done! So simple! You could probably cover it with a cute fabric but I figure it doesn't show and I'm renting so why over complicate simple.

How do you use magnet stripping!?

Have a wonderful leaping Wednesday!

Melissa Delight

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