Thursday, March 24, 2011

Go Somewhere Warm!

Returned from Mexico last weekend. We made it a dual purpose trip.

Celebrated a wedding with Matt and Lisa O'Connor--> Thank you for a fantastic evening.

Started with a boat ride to Las Calletas in Puerto Vallarta. A wedding celebration with our toes in the sand. Dinner with new friends. Dancing on the beach with smore's and a bonfire. Guest appearance from fire dancers. Return by boat.

Some Photos:

Next half of the trip: Family reunion! We rented a house North of Puerto Vallarta in Sayulita. My first trip to Sayulita was 4 years ago, apparently we told too many people about it because its erupted into a bustling town with a palm tree lined road in. Thankfully it still has the small town feel.

View from our House

My fantastic Grandparents and Cousin Savannah

We did a taco crawl one night. A taco at each taco stand! Yummy!!

A little adventure hike

Grandparents and their girls--Missed you Jenn!

The whole crew-A once and a lifetime trip! Missed Michael, Jenn, Morgan and Jack!!

Being Silly

Some photo fun!
We had a fantastic time! Plan your next vacation now!


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