Thursday, March 24, 2011

Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes

Goal number 10 on the list was to Recreate ie. Shop Less.

Kurt and I went to a Jimmy Buffett concert not too long ago. We love pretending it hasn't rained 23 out of the last 24 days of March and blasting some Jimmy Buffett for a teleport to the Bahama's!

Instead of my normal "AH! I have nothing tropical to wear to a concert I better go shopping" kind of attitude, I said, "I'll make a shirt for this concert!"

It was hours until we needed to leave for the concert and I stood in between rows of fun fabric at JoAnns. Thank goodness for a patient mother and my camera phone! Together 190 miles apart mom and I found some tropical fabric.

Inspired by OhSoHappyTogether 
I went to work.... 
Hoping my end product 
would look somewhat like hers 

After a few hours and lots of trips to the mirror in and out of my current sewing top into my new Margaritaville top mine turned out like this!

I did a few tweaks of my own mostly: STRAPS! If you know me you know strapless anything is not my favorite. Why fight with your outfit all night long?! 

To make the straps I took a long piece of fabric folded it in half sewed down the edge and turned it inside out. Repeat for the other strap. Choose your strap placement. I did this with the top on standing in front of the mirror or if you have a dressform pin them where you like.  I pinned them to the top and then started messing with options for the back. <I am super indecisive so thank you to Cait and Ali for being ready for photo texts! We decided on this twisted back> Simply take your straps twist them around each other twice, {Or whatever look suits your fancy!} and pin in place. Sew it up! 

A few changes I would make to this when I make it again. Make the tie at the waist longer. <I didn't have enough length on my fabric to do it seamlessly since I made that cut last> That way I'd have some pretty ties down the back. I got several compliments on this top before and during the concert. 

Total Cost: 3 hours and $5



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