Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Round of Jenga Anyone?!

It came to me the Sunday before Christmas. 6am. 

My parents are the kind of parents who have what the need and answer the question, "What do you want for Christmas?" with "Oh you being here is enough!" Right which equals absolutely no help on what to get them for Christmas because you and I both know you can't not get them something!

Back to that sudden wake up epiphany....they like to have fun! I KNOW they love the GIANT Jenga set at the bar in downtown Bend. Duh can make that!!

Then started the math calculations.
54 pieces. Measure the width of 3 pieces...I'll need that to be the length of the boards in order for them to be perfectly square for setup. Normal Jenga is 18 pieces high, yep that's right.

Hello nice Home Depot Employee I'll take 7-8 foot 2'x4's.  And UMMMM can you cut those in about 1 foot sections for me?! THANKS! haha Good thing it was a slow Sunday and they were bored anyhow! PLUS they thought the idea was genius! Yeah us to! Thanks to Kurt for being just as excited about it as me! (Men like going to Home Improvement stores with their girlfriends--it's way better than the mall!) Together we figured out all the math and what supplies we needed. So fun :)

Turns out the boards were a tad too long but eh it works. Oh and I forgot to mention that I went back and asked for another set to total 3 Jenga sets in all-a whopping 162 pieces of 10.5" 2"x4"s :) The same guy helped me--those were too long too--OH WELL! I didn't have to cut them--THANK You HOME DEPOT and your Friendly staff!

Kurt built a 2 sided Jenga holder with a bottom--we're workin on making this concept better-it's super great to look at, but WAY heavy to carry-stay tuned.

I painted Jenga down the side of it and gathered together about 12 pieces. I wrote on the pieces things like "reverse" "Take another Piece" "Wild Piece- skip a turn, make another player pull two, or continue play as usual""Tell a joke" "Busta Rhyme" --I always pulled "Pull another Piece"

For my cousins set I left all the blocks blank so the boys and Jenn could design their own Jenga set! Hand painted blocks Jenn--Make it happen!

The gift was a hit!

P.S. Watch your head...they tend to fall quickly!

<3 ZZB

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