Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year!

Phew a new year...2011...what big exciting things will happen this year?!

Number 1 on my list is moving. Coop and I are moving to a cute 2 bed 1 bath with a giant backyard for him to run free in and a craft room for me :) I'm excited to decorate a new place and have the space to CrEaTe! The ideas are spinnin, now if I could just start packing! Eww.

Number 2 I got snow shoes for Christmas, so the snow can't stop us from going on adventures now! Kurt and I hiked up to the ridge line of Mount St. Helens this last weekend. Phew it was quite the calf workout. Next time we're bringing our snowboards for the downhill portion :) If anyone has any snowshoe adventures we should do leave me a comment!

Number 3 A warm vacation! Maybe Mexico in March, Hawaii this summer?, or the Caribbean... we shall see! Also talks of camping our way around Kauai--sounds fun to me :)

Number 4 A visit to Michigan! I'm excited to see where Kurt's roots are and celebrate his brother's wedding. Do I wear the same thing to a wedding in Michigan as I would here?! Help me out.

Number 5 Raising some chickens in the backyard. Gunna get my urban farmer on! Hints, suggestions, advice let's hear it!

Number 6 Planting a garden--this has never worked out well for me, so we shall see if i can do it better this time, with my own yard! It already has some raised planting boxes, now to make sure coop knows we do NOT pee there :)

Number 7 Zac Brown Band in concert-will travel to see. Kurt and I love them so we decided their concert is on the to do list for 2011!

Number 8 P90X, I probably should move this up the list seeing as it will start as soon as I'm moved. Wish me luck!
{Picture to come after 90 days}

Number 9 WEDDINGS! Two of my best friends are getting married this year! One in February and one in September. I feel so blessed by their friendships. Laura was my first new friend in college. She greeted me and everyone in our class with "Hi my name's Laura." And I tell yea what, Thank God she was that over friendly person because I couldn't have gotten through college without her. P.S. could you help me with my garden and give me some of your green thumb?!

Danielle and I's friendship blossomed when we moved into a 5 person house together. The year prior she spent 5 months in Spain and I spent the next 5 months in Australia. I sure did miss her though while we were off traveling the world. I am so excited to be her MOH as she marries her best friend! I will be making Danielle's veil--which I am absolutely honored to be doing :) As well as several other DIY projects for her special day! Thank you for sharing the basement with me our last year of college--OH the memories we made, DDR, dance parties with the brooms, the Bachelor watch parties, tears and laughter galore!

These two girls are some of my biggest fans when it comes to my projects---thank you thank you thank you for your support!

Number 10  RE-CREATE! Shop less {Unless from the clearance rack} Watch and see what I come up with! Feel free to offer up suggestions!!
<--shirt Redo $2

<3 ZZB

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