Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Merry Scarves!

Oh goodness, I've been slacking! No really I haven't been slacking at all. I have been BuSy! Right, right everyone's been busy, its the holidays! No excuses.

The big excuse is: All my creativity has gone towards Christmas gifts. So now I can finally do a post without ruining surprises!

All the women in my life got this Scarf with a ~Zb TwIsT~ BUT bad news, I made about 10 of them and have very few photos to prove it. I get so excited to give something that I have made and totally blank on taking pictures of the final product. {New Years Resolution-Be better at this!}

The Made Summer Scarf linked above is one ruffley, bouncey, fun Scarf. To make her scarf {my own} I doubled it! Two scarfs in one wait no 3 scarves. This is 2 scarves-- a more wintery fabric, plaid or just a thicker option. And then for the top scarf a complimentary, light, flowey fabric.  
I then made each scarf, which sidenote---MADE's pattern uses elastic thread...hahahaha..right. That was a giant FAIL for me!! I started these in November and ended up doing them all the week before Christmas! Elastic messed my machine up. So MADE does show an option if the elastic doesn't work out. Sew single lines x2 down the middle and then start gathering. Warning: This takes a lil while and makes your fingers red and tender...maybe you can figure out a better option-or better yet plan to do one at a time :)!  The MADE tutorial then tells you to sew a strip over the top of your gathering, for aesthetics and time I skipped this step. My friends and family are perfectly capable of adjusting the gather if it moves around :)
Anyhow, I made the two scarves and then sewed three button holes in the light weight fun flowey fabric, one in the middle and then about half way down each side. I then paired up the scarves and figured out where to place my buttons.

Button them together a volah!

Three Options:
1. Wear the winter one all alone.
2. Wear the summery one all alone.
3. Wear them buttoned together! Oh and change up how you button them for another look!

These really jazz up a solid colored tee or long sleeve!

Thank you MADE for your initial Tutorial. Hopefully I can coax all the ladies into doing a photo shoot with their scarves! Stay Tuned!

Happy Scarving!


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