Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ruffle Tank Tutorial

I'm one of those people that keeps "stuff" because I "might" use it for "something" "someday." You can relate right?? Everyone does this… ok most crafty people do this and even people that "hope" to one day be crafty do this.  Right mom?? ;)

So I have my pile and yet, the one project I've been wanting to do doesn't match up with anything in my pile…go figure.

I went to Last Chance on Saturday and TaDah I found it!  $2 tank tops in TONS of bright colors!
 Step one: pick one tank to be your base. Choose the other to be cut up. Separate front and back by cutting them apart. Then cut strips. I used strips of about 2 inches cut diagonally across the tank.

Step Two: Sew a line 1/4in from one edge. To save time later round your edges so it falls pretty. Do not back stitch on either end.

Step Three: Ruffle! pull one string on one end, ruffle along the thread line. Note to self use a top thread and bobbin in the same color.

Step Four: Pin your ruffles on. I found it easiest to kind of make a ruffle plan but then pin only one on at a time to sew. Don't forget to back stitch and the beginning and end of each ruffle. I hid the tops of my ruffles under the prior layer, but that is a personal preference. This is where you put your personal spin on your tank. 

Here's my finished Tank! Love it!!

Total cost $4 :)

Thank you Tea Rose Home for your tutorial inspiration for this piece!

<3 Melissa Delight

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