Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Favorite {ruined} Dress + A Lace Update

Okay we all know how it feels to happen upon THE dress, the one you feel beautiful in, the one you cannot wait to wear! Well 2 years ago I found that dress! It was love at first sight…thank you Urban Outfitters!

Then it happened…

I threw it in the dryer for a 5 minute touchup only to realize when pulling it out my previous load had been scrubs and I had forgotten a blue ink pen in my pocket.

NOOOOOOOOOOO!  Ink stains on my favorite dress, not to mention it was Easter and church started soon…thats a different story.

Back to the dress, I thought I could still wear it, no one would notice, then came my inner voice "Melissa, that would be tacky let it go"

It's been two years and I finally found a solution!!  Check it out… I'm in love with it again!

See the stains?! ok so they did not photograph well, but they are there I promise!!----->

I used my seam ripper and separated the top and bottom pieces. Carefully I mimicked the pleats with my lace, pinning it back together. The trickiest part was the side zipper, but I am happy to report it turned out wonderfully. In my opinion :) Saved myself the initial $68 and only spent $7 on the lace!

Date night in Dallas, Texas!  
I should probably iron the pleats a little flatter, but I am scared to death to possibly {ruin} my redo! 

P.S. I could still see the stains when I looked through the lace so I took a similar color thread and hand stitched over the top of the bigger blotches. A bit more camo, more for me than anyone else!

If you have a {ruined} favorite that you've redone I'd love to see it and feature you on my blog! Send me an email befeellivedelighted (at) gmail.com

Melissa Delight


  1. Look at you cowboyin' up in front of the American Airlines Center in Dallas! The dress looks great! - Susan White


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