Saturday, May 25, 2013

"Ready to Sail Away" -A High-Low Skirt-

Here is my audition piece for "So You Think You're Crafty"

 "Ready to Sail Away"
-A High-Low Skirt-

Hello new friends! I am very excited to be auditioning for SYTYC Season 16. When Missy announced she would be selling the blog I got a little sad about not getting to try my hand at this, so I am grateful for the opportunity! Thank you, dear!

I love stripes, the nautical looking stripes. I bought this fabric well before I knew what I would do with it, but I was in LOVE so I had to have it! The slight lace detailing to the white ---AWWMAZING! Then I became obsessed with high-low skirts. How fun are they! I knew pretty quick after seeing the skirt pictured beside mine that the soft nautical fabric would be PERFECT! 

The fabric is a little sheer so I knew I either had to make a liner or double it up. I am all about simplicity when it comes to my crafting, so I chose the "difficult" task of perfection with lining it all up. I folded the fabric in half so the top of my skirt has no stitching. Before I cut the high-low I sewed the back and front together on the sides with a tight zigzag stitch, matching the curves of my hips (or lack there of!). Then I marked where I wanted it to hit on the front and back. I folded it so the seams touched and were in the middle, so I could see my pin marks. Then I cut the top layers in a backwards "S" shape and then the bottom piece. Tried it on, fixed it, tried it on, fixed and eventually landed on just what I wanted :) The skirt ended up taking about an hour to make. 

Guess what, the original high-low I fell in love with sells for $94 mine about $10! Hope you love it as much as I do! 

HaPpY Crafting, friends!!

What do you guys think?! Leave me a comment!

<3 Delighted.

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