Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bonding Time.

About a week ago we came home from date night and decided some family bonding time was in order. 

 So we let the chicks out.
 Mango or Coral?? They look a lot alike now... We're quite possibly calling them the wrong names...
 A little time for dancing...
 Dance showdown... who's the better chick?

Coop continues to be a very good dog!

Today, we have the chickens outside in their new enclosure for a few hours to enjoy the beautiful sunshine. They're plucking away at the weeds, worms, grass, bird seed, dandelions and whatever else they can find. As soon as we put them outside Cooper ran to find his frisbee and brought it over to the chicks, like "Come on throw it for me, please throw it!' He gets so excited and just wants them to play with him. <3 

This week we've started giving the chicks some scraps. We learned they LOVE mushrooms, watermelon, and string cheese, but could care less about broccoli and spinach. I read they like crushed up hard boiled eggs and that they're really good for them, but Kurt says that's cannibalism, so for now they get to munch on some empty shells--a good source of calcium.

Off to work on their coop in the sunshine! Have a fantastic sun filled day!


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