Monday, April 11, 2011

Chirp, Chirp... Spring?!

Well, yes, it's spring every day-allday at our house! Thought you may all enjoy a little Chicks of Paradise update. 

{they're getting ugly.}

Ok that's mean, we'll say they're getting cuter in their own way....

The chicks have outgrown their previous home--the white rubbermaid container...they then moved to Cooper's crate.  That worked fine except for some little details.

1. It's still raining so we can't leave Cooper out all the time {he still needs us to build him a dog house!}
        a. He's taken to getting in the trash or unfolding and proudly displaying                     the laundry all around the house, so he cannot be trusted free                          in the house and certainly not with the chicks!

2. 3 of the 5 chicks aren't big enough for crate training. They fit through the slots, which means with lots, I mean lots of "Good Boy Cooper's" he herds them back into the crate. {phew-no attempted chicken dinners yet---knocking on the desk---}

3.  Those chicks are messy! There are no sides on the crate therefore the "digging" just sent stuff--poop, food-- flying outside of the catch only to be stepped on and tracked around. Oh and we love it when they get their little tail feathers just outside the crate and then poop. -->who say's chickens are stupid?!

Ok so you get the point--the crate did not work perfectly!

Insert super creative boyfriend--Problem Solved!!

The fireplace!! While I was at work he cleaned out the fireplace {which we've used a total of 3 times} and made it the chicks new home! They love it! They have room to grow {and fly} and we're slowing bringing outside things into them. Like worms...they LOVE worms and chase each other around like crazy chicks! You can see the pecking order starting to play out as they take turns perching on the stick we put in there.  They're like kids one wants the toy only because the other one has it... One sits on the stick then another comes flying at them, knocks them off, just to do it, not because they particularly want to sit up there! Silly chicks!


The Before shots:

We did change out the knobs prior to the before shot...
Cabinet a bargained down whopping $20 at the Rebuild It Center!!

<3 ZZB

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